Bathroom Remodel Ideas – Unique and Refreshing in Style

What exactly is a bath remodel then? A bath remodel basically includes a new bathtub with a new shower fixture attached. This enables you to take a refreshing bath or even a quick shower in the very same room where the original tub was installed. There are actually five bathtub/shower combination setups: straight-sided tubs; quadrant corner tubs; handheld tubs; and wall-mounted tubs. Each style has its own unique benefits and drawbacks.

Bath Remodel

The straight-sided tub is perhaps the simplest and cheapest of the bath remodel setups, with just a new tub and a shower rod. This setup requires only that you install a new tub and then you are done. However, this setup typically does not provide much support or stability, as it is made out of one-piece rectangular tubes. It may also not have enough room for installing a new shower enclosure or vanity unit.

Quadrant corner bathtubs cost the most when it comes to a bath remodel, as it includes a new bathtub, a new showerhead, and two tile surrounds (one above the other). This setup allows for a much more stable bath, as the walls of the bathtub and shower stall connect together in a straight line. Also, it provides ample room for installing a corner bathtub.

A great advantage of the acrylic or fiberglass based bathtubs and showers combo using a single-piece construction is that you do not need to replace any of the walls. Instead, all you need to do is replace the drain and the outlet pipes, which can be as simple as adding a new hole to the wall. This bath remodel option also provides more space inside of the bathroom while still providing a clear view of the tub.

If the cost of your bathroom renovation is too high, then there are a few do-it-yourself bathroom renovation methods that you can try. These bathroom renovation ideas include: adding an island tub, or replacing your shower. It really depends on what you want to do with the space that you have, and how much you’re willing to spend. In most cases, an island tub is the most affordable option, but you can use a variety of materials depending on your budget. Replacing your shower may seem like a more expensive method, but in reality, the cost can be offset if you decide to upgrade your hardware.

Bathtub and shower replacement is a more popular, and cheaper, option than many people might think. If you have plenty of old bathroom furniture lying around that you would like to replace, then a bath remodel might be exactly what you need. You can look into new tub and shower hardware online or at your local tile store and get the look of a more up-to-date house without paying a lot of money for it.