How Chiropractic Care Supports and Elevates Your Musculoskeletal System

The word ‘chiropractic’ derives from the Greek words cheir (meaning ‘hand’) and praktikos (meaning ‘done by hand’). Chiropractors use their hands to examine, treat and rehabilitate health conditions related to the bones, muscles and joints of your body (musculoskeletal problems).

Chiropractic is a hands-on approach to healthcare that involves manual manipulation of the spine. This is done to help restore proper alignment and improve function to the nervous, musculoskeletal system. Chiropractors are also trained to recommend exercises, nutritional, dietary and lifestyle advice. They are primary contact practitioners, which means they can see you without a referral from your doctor.

Using the latest research and techniques, chiropractors can provide effective treatment for many common health conditions. Some of these include:

Back and neck pain, including headaches. This can be caused by a variety of factors, such as poor posture, long periods sitting at work or other activities, or by an injury to your bones, muscles or ligaments. It can be difficult to carry out everyday tasks if you are in pain. Chiropractors will aim to get you back to your normal daily activities as quickly and safely as possible.

Sciatica, a condition where the sciatic nerve is compressed and causes pain that travels from your lower back down your legs. Chiropractors can adjust your spinal curve, relieve pressure on the nerves and strengthen your core to help manage this painful condition.

Joint pain, like arthritis, caused by a range of factors. This includes ageing, sports injuries and poor posture. Often these conditions can be eased by using a combination of treatment options, including manipulation, exercises, massage and acupuncture.

Misalignments in the lumbar spine (lower back). These are commonly caused by poor posture, which can lead to pain and stiffness. A study found that a series of chiropractic adjustments helped reduce the kyphosis of a patient and helped them to move more easily.

Digestive breakdowns, such as heartburn and irritable bowel syndrome, which can be triggered by compressed nerves in the spine. Chiropractic adjustments can relieve the symptoms and improve your overall quality of life by reducing these digestive issues.

It is also thought that a properly functioning nervous and musculoskeletal system can help the body fight infection more effectively. Studies have shown that if your spine is in better alignment, your immune system works more efficiently to fight off diseases and infections.

Your chiropractor will use different treatment methods to bring you pain relief, depending on your condition and the severity of your symptoms. These may include manual adjustments, stretches, exercise, kinesio tape and nutritional counselling.

How long your pain relief lasts will depend on how severe your symptoms are and how frequently you visit your chiropractor in Atlanta. We will reevaluate your progress at each appointment and may change your treatment plan as necessary to achieve your goals.

We know it can be tempting to rest until the soreness subsides, but we encourage you to keep moving. This will keep your muscles and joints limber, and prevent you from stiffening up again after treatment.